Ayurveda Hellas in collaboration with Christos Karagiannis (teacher of internal martial arts at "Chiron Centaurus", who was awarded in 2006 the Golden Eagle / 3 Dan by the World Wu Shu Federation)  organize a four-day Retreat in the enchanting Pelion under the subject ''Ayurveda, & Ancient Chinese Medicine - Tai Chi''!!! A retreat that combines two ancient sciences with the aim of fully revitalizing, balancing, and empowering the participants, through practices such as yoga, tai chi, 5-element equalizing techniques based on ayurvedic & Chinese medicine (earth, water, fire, air-wood, ether-metal). You will be able to enjoy a special workshop for the Earth element associated with the end of the summer, special detoxification diet, Ayurvedic techniques and much more!!

In the land of the Centaurs
Pelion was the place where the greatest healer of Antiquity, Chiron Centaurus, lived. It is essentially a place that is characterized, besides its beauty, for its enchanting aura. It was and remains a destination charged with positive energy.

"Ayurveda Hellas" chose Pelion for its next retreat, for alternative vacations where you will not only enjoy, relax and have fun next to the wave,but you will have the chance to eat healthy, experience unique moments of relaxation, a series of seminars, Ayurvedic therapies, acupuncture, special detoxification practices and other surprises, combining pleasant with beneficial, gaining health, knowledge and well-being. This is a thrilling four-day trip to the beautiful, seaside Kalamos of Argalasti in Pelion.

Friday 20th - Monday 23rd September at Kalamos, Pelion
Due to the limited space, rooms will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.

Your vacation will include

  • All inclusive luxury accommodation in suites - apartments.
  • Special "ayurvedic" diet (includes breakfast, small meal, mainly lunch).
  • Educational Speeches, Presentations, Ayurvedic and Ancient Chinese Medicine practices.
  • Traditional Yoga & Tai Chi healing courses in the morning and afternoon.
  • ​Finding your Ayurvedic type. 
  • Natural Ayurvedic products and supplements.

Many other gifts and surprises ...

Additional benefits:

Ayurvedic Therapies - Techniques(Fullbody massage, Head massage - Akshi tarpanam, Nasyam, Karnapuran)
Thai Massage +  Osteothai Massage 

Retreat Highlights

 A "mini ayurvedic pharmacy" of 60€ worth to all participants!


Program Cost - Full Package for 3 Days !!!

350€/Person (early birds -15% up to 30/7) Double room

290€/Person (early birds -15% up to 30/7) Triple room

Special offer for additional members of the same family - please contact us

Special offer for additional members of the same family - please contact us

*Prices do not include 24% VAT

Keynote speakers:

Ayurveda - Shophia Papadopoulou: Chemist, Researcher of Ayurveda, President of Ayurveda Hellas A.E. & President *Εl.Ε.Μ.Ε.Ε.Α.
TAI CHI - Christos Karagiannis (teacher of internal martial arts )

And an experienced team of rapporteurs and teachers..

A few words about Ayurveda

Learning about Ayurveda is what we need to stay young, balanced and healthy for many years. Knowing our true nature and discovering our Higher Self, encompasses infinite possibilities of self-healing and evolution. You will also have the opportunity to understand Hippocrates' self-healing principles such as: Nutrition, movement, environment, lifestyle, and the mind which can, depending on our constitution and in combination with traditional techniques, contribute to a happier life, free of illness and aging. Another great source of such ancient wisdom is Ayurveda, an ancient traditional system of preventive medicine, healing medicine and a healthy lifestyle. Recognized by the World Health Organization, it began in India 5,000 years ago, transferring the collective wisdom of Indian visionaries from generation to generation. Learn to love yourself and Get Started Now!


«Ayurveda Hellas» 

 The company started its business with the exclusive representation of the products of "Himalaya Herbal Healthcare". It has continued with a variety of other products and activities, such as organizing seminars, Retreats, publishing books and magazines. Its goal is to give as much as possible "Integrated Natural Life and Longevity" offering. "Ayurveda Hellas" contributed to the establishment of ELEMEAE, in constant contact with relevant Institutes abroad, and especially of India, which is also the country of origin of the Ayurvedic system. It works with Ayush, the official government agency of Ayurveda in India, with the Indian Ministry of Health and the Embassy of India in Greece. At the same time, ELEMEAE moved their activities to a beautiful listed building in Plaka - Syntagma where the Ayurveda science can be expressed more appropriately, with the ultimate goal, living our lives full of awareness, health and happiness !!!

A Few Words About Ancient Chinese Medicine - Thai Chi

Therapists in all ancient traditions around the world used the 5 elements (earth, water, fire, air - wood, ether – metal) to decipher the human organism. In the following seminar, the trainee will learn how via specific exercises - movements - practical - sounds and herbs, depending on the season of the year he/she may nourish or stimulate parts of himself/herself which are poorer in one or more of these five elements, and determine its vitality and health.

In the Retreat we will learn:

~ Analysis of the ancient symbols and their correlation with the human energy body.
Uncompromising 5 Elements.
~Energy anatomy: We will learn how energy moves within the human body, energy channels, and which organs it corresponds to.
~ Annual & Daily Clock: Seasons' Changing and its effect on humans.
~ Uranium Yin-Yang:  In the human body, five elements are expressed through specific organs and create the five entities or souls that exist within the human body. We will dwell more on the element of Earth, which is the time.
~ Physical exercises (Chi Kung & Tai Chi), breaths, herbs-food & daily activities compatible and favorable with the summer and autumn actions.
~ Healing sounds: A hidden insight from the Far East monasteries.
~ Anti-aging practices and regeneration of our potential through the practice of inner smile.
~ Eliminating internal dysfunctions and emotional negativity through an ancient practice.
We will also learn how we find our Ayurvedic type and the choices we can make depending on it, in nutrition, movement, environment, lifestyle, way of thinking (Hippocrates' healing agents to live lives full of awareness, happiness and creation).

Τhe hotel

The traditional "Symmetron" enjoys a quiet location in the village of Kalamos in South Pelion, next to the sea, on a pebbled beach with free sun loungers and umbrellas. All rooms are self-catered, with a fireplace and a spa bath. All units are decorated with stone and wood and feature air conditioning, a well-equipped kitchen and a dining area. They offer a balcony overlooking the surrounding area, while some include a patio and are set on separate levels. Finally, the hotel has a seaside tavern. 

Ayurveda Hellas introduced the tradition of Ayurvedic retreats in Greece and continues to run them successfully for the 9th consecutive year.

Due to the limited space, registrations will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.
For further information: 2103632350 - 2310887679 - 6976783289