Another Retreat, for fun and healing, with the unique experience of "Ayurveda Hellas SA"
"Ayurveda Hellas" has a tradition in its retreats. Every trip with her is also a unique experience of relaxation, detox, entertainment and knowledge. The holidays with Ayurveda Hellas will make you understand what quality means, both in the stay, the focus and the healing practices, as well as the choice of an amazing group. And that's because you will just find yourself chatting and sharing experiences with exceptional, interesting people.Ayurveda Hellas, is offering a new unique retreat experience for enjoyment and healing. Ayurveda Hellas, who has a tradition in hosting retreats, propose for each stay, a unique combination of relaxation, detoxification, education and activities.Ayurveda Hellas combines high quality service with the advantageous prices. 15 years ago, Ayurveda Hellas "introduced" the science of Ayurveda to Greece, through the exclusive trading of "Himalaya Herbal Healthcare" products. "Himalaya Herbal Healthcare” established in 1930, is one of the world's largest pharmaceutical companies in the field of traditional Ayurvedic medicine. Experience a relaxing three-day detox retreat bathed in the wisdom of Ayurveda, the traditional Indian healthcare system, also known as "Medicine for the Body & Mind". Ayurveda Hellas introduced the tradition of Ayurvedic retreats in Greece and continues to run them successfully for the 9th consecutive year.Mountain and sea, healing and knowledge.Ayurveda Hellas has chosen for your stay a location that combines the sea, the forest and the mountains. You will have the chance to enjoy - in addition to the enchanting scenery - entertainment, healthy eating, unique moments of relaxation, educational seminars, Ayurvedic wellness therapies and other surprises. In this retreat you will not only improve your health, but you will also gain ancient wisdom to manage your own health wisely and maintain your personal balance.This is a exceptional weekend, starting September 6th until September 9th, in the beautiful region of Halkidiki. Due to the limited space, rooms will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.Halkidiki is a small "land of miracles" that stimulates all the senses: White sandy beaches, beautiful coves, turquoise waters, hidden creeks…

There is a saying about Halkidiki: that it has the three most beautiful "legs" in the world: Kassandra, Sithonia, Athos! The third is home to the famous monastery of Mount Athos.
If someone has visited Halkidiki before, they will have had the chance to admire its emerald beaches, dense forests, small seaside villages with fish taverns and cafes, beach bars in small creeks, archaeological sites with great history, traditional villages and the Cave of Petralona in Kassandra.
Since ancient times, Halkidiki has been considered an important energetically empowered site, as they were there famous sanctuaries - especially in Athos. Halkidiki was a colonial state until it was conquered by Philip II and merged it into the Macedonian Kingdom. During the Persian Wars, a large part of Marconi's fleet was lost there. This was considered the first sign of the Persian defeat.
If something makes Halkidiki stand out, it is the ultimate energy and its unique range of services: private beach dinners, relaxing spas, spacious villas on the water, gourmet restaurants, renowned wines and vast vineyards, beautiful marinas, casinos, luxury shops and restaurants …What your retreat includes

  • Stay in a complex of apartments next to the thermal spas and the sea.
  • 3-hour spa program at Agia Paraskevi Thermal Baths *
  • Special traditional "ayurvedic" diet for detoxification (breakfast, snack, main meal).
  • Educational speeches, presentations and practices for Ayurveda.
  • Morning and afternoon curative yoga classes (asanas - breathing - meditation).
  • Finding an Ayurvedic body-mind consitution.
  • Natural Ayurvedic products and supplements.

Many other gifts and surprises ...Unique ADDITIONAL Therapies ...Ayurvedic Therapies - Techniques (Full Body massage, Head massage - Akshi tarpana - Shirodhara - Botanatrot etc.), in a fully equipped space.
Thai Massage & Osteothai Massage
Specialized workshop for learning of hand-crafted fabrics and arts with the experienced art designer Rodoula Angeletaki - Rodi.YOUR PARTICIPATION AT THE RETREAT, AUTOMATICALLY QUALIFIES YOU FOR A -20% DISCOUNT ON ANY OTHER ACTIVITIES OF THE AYURVEDA HELLAS AYURVEDIC FESTIVAL !!* Spas of Agia Paraskevi: The ultimate wellness!

The healing waters of Agia Paraskevi sparkle from the hearts of the earth. With a unique composition of chemical elements they contain rare healing properties, revitalize the body and the spirit. On the rocks, in an enchanting environment with the Aegean Sea goddess, the state-of-the-art hydrotherapy center of Agia Paraskevi was born and its experienced staff is waiting for you, for rejuvenation!

Program Price - Full Package for 3 Days !!!In Double room
290 € / person (early birds -15% to 30/7) In Triple room
250 € / person (early birds-15% 30/7)in Double room

Special offer for additional members of the same family - please contact us
* Prices do not include VAT 24%

AYURVEDA - Sophia Papadopoulou: Chemist, Researcher of Ayurveda, Ayurveda Hellas A.E. & Amp; * ELEMEEA.
AYURVEDA - Elena Kurten: Ayurveda Therapist & Yoga Teacher

Aphrodite Hotel is located in one of the most picturesque village of Halkidiki, called Kassandra. It is built on a hill, opposite the spas of Ag. Paraskevi.
Aphrodite Hotel is a family-run business that was founded in 1970 and operated initially with 24 rooms. Over the years, the hotel has been expanded and now operates with 46 fully equipped rooms, swimming pool, bar, and parking space for excellent service of its clients.Forever Young!

Learning about Ayurveda is what we need to stay young, balanced and healthy for many years. Knowing our true nature and discovering our Higher Self, encompasses infinite possibilities of self-healing and evolution. You will also have the opportunity to understand Hippocrates' self-healing principles such as: Nutrition, movement, environment, lifestyle, and the mind which can, depending on our constitution and in combination with traditional techniques, contribute to a happier life, free of illness and aging. Another great source of such ancient wisdom is Ayurveda, an ancient traditional system of preventive medicine, healing medicine and a healthy lifestyle. Recognized by the World Health Organization, it began in India 5,000 years ago, transferring the collective wisdom of Indian visionaries from generation to generation. Learn to love yourself and Get Started Now!«Ayurveda Hellas»

The company started its business with the exclusive representation of the products of "Himalaya Herbal Healthcare". It has continued with a variety of other products and activities, such as organizing seminars, Retreats, publishing books and magazines. Its goal is to give as much as possible "Integrated Natural Life and Longevity" offering. "Ayurveda Hellas" contributed to the establishment of ELEMEAE, in constant contact with relevant Institutes abroad, and especially of India, which is also the country of origin of the Ayurvedic system. It works with Ayush, the official government agency of Ayurveda in India, with the Indian Ministry of Health and the Embassy of India in Greece. At the same time, ELEMEAE moved their activities to a beautiful listed building in Plaka - Syntagma where the Ayurveda science can be expressed more appropriately, with the ultimate goal, living our lives full of awareness, health and happiness !!!